The Benefits of Buckwheat

A good way to turn your smoothie into a nutritional powerhouse is by adding sprouted buckwheat. Buckwheat is gluten free and a complete source of protein with all essential amino acids. This is an excellent choice for diabetics because it is a complex carbohydrate which slows the absorption of glucose into the blood, thus stabilizing […]

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Peanuts vs. Almonds

How often do you use peanut butter, whether it’s for you or for your kids peanut butter sandwiches? It sounds harmless I’m sure. I mean it comes from peanuts which must be good for us, right? Don’t get me wrong I love peanut butter, but after learning all the negative effects from it I put […]

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Stop ignoring cilantro!

The Powerful Herb That You Don’t Want to Ignore Did you know that pretty little garnish on your plate that is often ignored has some amazing detoxifying abilities? That’s right, I’m talking about cilantro! Cilantro is a powerful cleansing herb that has the ability to bind to heavy metals and then excrete them through the […]

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Kale is popular for good reason.

Benefits of Kale (stop me if you’ve heard this one). Kale is getting a lot of attention these days, and with its high nutrient content there’s no reason that it shouldn’t. Loaded with the antioxidants carotenoids and flavonoids, kale is an excellent source to fight against cancer-causing free radicals. The high levels of vitamin A […]

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Healthy Bone Smoothie Recipe!

Try this awesome healthy bone smoothie that has frozen bananas, hemp milk and almond butter! Almonds have a high calcium content which helps to prevents bone loss. They are also high in vitamin E which is great for healing dry skin. Hemp seeds are a great source for protein, calcium, zinc and magnesium. If you […]

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